Post Malone Obtains the One Ring!

In an odd, yet wholesome, turn of events Post Malone has become the holder of the one of a kind One Ring MTG card! Purchased off of TikTok user Brook Trafton for a whopping 2.6 million USD, Post Malone now has the ring to rule them all. Many are commenting on how they are glad that Post Malone, of all people, now holds the card considering he is a fan of Magic the Gathering himself. Some have even gone on to say that this is the 'good ending', to which I can only agree.

The reason the One Ring card is worth so much is because it is a one of a kind card. Weeks before its release, news was announced that only one of this particular card would be available to be pulled out of a pack, and this sent collectors into a frenzy. With bounties popping up left and right, it was only a matter of time until the card would find its way into the hands of a lucrative collector. 

Once the card was found, it was sent off to PSA to be graded, where it received the condition of Mint 9. One can only imagine how much the card would have cost Mr. Post if it was a Gem Mint 10.

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