Raging Surf Pack Art Washes Up!

Although we've known about this set for several months at this point, finally we're getting to see the booster box and pack art for the upcoming Japanese set Raging Surf! We've known about this set since December of 2022, and we know it will be releasing for retail in Japan on September 22nd. Raging Surf will contain 62 cards in its card list, before secret rares. We can assume this set will be incorporated partially into the English set Paradox Rift, due to their release dates being only a few months apart.

We've known that this set would be centered around Gholdengo for some time now, and even more recently we found out that a tera-water Garchomp ex would also be featured, yet not much else. Now with the Official booster box and pack art revealed, we can see what other Pokemon are being featured as well; we can also assume this set will feature Groudon ex, Jirachi ex, and Tapu Koko ex.

Since only this information is known so far, and no other news has been released, it has been speculated that the reveal of the pack art was a mistake. While this could be the case, the release date for this set is almost a month away, and we hadn't received much news for it prior to now. Seemingly this is a new trend, news regarding newer sets has been coming out closer and closer to the actual release day of sets; we've seen this being the case for almost every Japanese set so far in Scarlet and Violet.

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