Raging Surf Washes Ashore!

Raging Surf has been hinted at for some time now, yet it certainly hasn't shown too much. The set has been shrouded in mystery ever since its trademarked name was leaked, and TCG collectors have been at their wit's end hoping to sneak a glance at what's to come. Never seen until this week, we can finally set our eyes on some of the upcoming cards from Raging Surf!

The collection of cards we've seen thus far have been an assortment of Pokemon that we had both known about and not. Some of the Pokemon featured on the official pack art have finally gotten cards revealed, whereas others are nowhere to be found.

Of these Pokemon that we've gotten cards for, Garchomp's card is certainly the one that's taken fans by storm. What will undoubtedly become the chase card of the set, Garchomp's secret art rare truly is a sight to see. The only other Pokemon that have been revealed off of the pack art is Gholdengo. 

Two other notable cards worth mentioning, which aren't pictured in the pack, are a tera-fighting Hoopa unbound ex; additionally, our first revealed full art trainer, parasol lady, has been revealed. Hopefully soon we'll have other Pokemon from this set revealed to us to see what else is in store.

Raging Surf will be the next Japanese set to release, with its official release date set  to be September 22nd. Raging Surf will contain 62 cards in its set list, before the inclusion of secret rares. We can expect to see this set be a part of our November set, Paradox Rift.

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