September and Octobers' Pokemon V Boxes!

Maybe not the most exciting news in the world, but I hope the thumbnail gives you a laugh! To whomever is concerned, the next two Pokemon V boxes have been revealed for the next two months, September and October. Burning up store shelves in September, Infernape will be the first of the two Pokemon to get its' own box; afterwords, Virizion will bound into the scene in October. Both boxes will retail for $19.99, and will come with four packs, a jumbo and regular card of the featured Pokemon, and also one more foil promotional card as well.

The Foil card for Virizion will be Keldeo, which is very fitting as Keldeo, lore wise, ties very closely to Virizion, who is one of the Swords of Justice. Unfortunately the other two swords of Justice haven't been featured yet in any specific products thus far in the Sword and Shield era, but hope isn't necessarily lost. Infernape's foil promo-Pokemon is Empoleon, who had its own V tin last year. Notice how a certain grass/ ground turtle is missing? Torterra has yet to receive any sort of special treatment compared to its fellow Sinnoh starters, which is very cruel if you ask me. There certainly has never been a worse time to be a Torterra fan then now.

V boxes have been a very common type of product seen throughout the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon. They've been around since pretty much the very beginning, and have been an unofficial staple of the past few years. While we know that we have at least two more of these boxes to look forward to, these may unfortunately be the last of their kind. We don't have any official source that confirms this, but as Sword and Shield is leaving and Scarlet and Violet are just around the bend, we will soon have to say goodbye to products we have had over the past few years. While V boxes may not be the very most exciting type of product to collect and open, they certainly show off a niche side of the era. Maybe, if you've taken these products for granted, now is the perfect time to notice them before they're gone for good.

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