Silver Tempest: Pokemon's November Card Set!

While we already have plenty to look forward to in terms of our next English set, we can continue to look forward to good releases. Following off of Lost Origin, the next English set to be released will be Silver Tempest on November 11th! While hardly much information is available to us as of right now, we do know several things. This set will be the combination of two Japanese sets: Incandescent Arcana and Paradigm Trigger, and more than likely whatever cards are cut from Lost Origin.

All of this is currently speculation, so please take everything I'm about to say with a grain of salt. Those two previously named Japanese sets are what we know this set will combine, and out of all of the Pokemon which will be postered, Lugia is the most likely candidate to be featured as the face of Silver Tempest. Silver could be referring to Lugia, as the "Diving Pokemon" is very closely tied to this color. Having two different games tying them together, as well as its' in-game summon item (The Silver Wing), it is very safe to assume Lugia is the poster Pokemon of this set.

While not much more can be stated in the meantime, I hope that the rest of you are just as excited as I am to see whatever else comes from this news. Whenever any new information drops, make sure to come back to the Stadium for a quick summary and analysis!

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