Snow Hazard, Clay Burst, and Iono

An interesting trio for news, but this is what is on the horizon for Japan's TCG scene. Through leaks that have since been confirmed, we know that the next counterpart sets which will release, after Triple Beat of course, will be Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. These two sets will release on April 14th.

Outside of their names and release date, next to nothing is known about these sets. It has been highly speculated though by multiple sites that these sets will feature two of the Treasures of Ruin, Chien-Pao and Ting-Lu, respectively.  Similar to sets such as Chilling Reign and Fusion Strike, these two sets seem like they would be somewhat likely to follow a certain motif.

Now on to everyone's favorite in-universe Pokemon Twitch streamer, Iono, and where specifically she fits into this news. Through leaks again, it has been able to be confirmed that Iono will be receiving her own full art card, as well as a special illustrator rare. Iono will additionally be receiving a gym set for herself. Marnie received one of these sets before in Sword and Shield, and we can assume Iono's set will contain the same array of products.


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