Pokemon Stadium: A Fan Favorite Game Returns on Nintendo Switch!

A long time fan-favorite game, lost to time, is now reemerging from its graveyard. Pokemon Stadium, a fan favorite game from 2000 for the Nintendo 64, was just announced by Nintendo to be making a return onto the Nintendo Switch. Through the purchase of Nintendo's Online + Expansion Pack, Switch owners will be able to access and play the game, among a variety of several other Nintendo games as well.

Pokemon Stadium is essentially a battle simulator game, filled with all of the original 151 Pokemon found in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Within the game there are several different 'battle cups' to participate in; additionally, players can chose to play other minigames if they get tired of Pokemon battles. 

This game is certainly a treat for any avid Pokemon fan, whether it be a fan who grew up playing the original or a younger fan wanting to experience a classic for the first time. Pokemon Stadium is certainly a game worth checking out if you already have a membership which allows you to play, or alternatively it may give you a reason to consider purchasing that specific package.

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