The Graded Card Surge and its Impacts on Collecting

With Pokemon cards being such a rising hobby, its' no wonder that more and more cards would end up being graded. Within the past six months, over 8 million cards were graded, reaching a record high. While this number certainly isn't exclusive to Pokemon, it is undeniable that Pokemon cards do make up a larger chunk of this number. 

With the recent boom in card collecting, one of the ways TCG collectors have taken to expanding their collections are slabs (graded cards). Slabs are often sought out by higher end collectors, especially for perfect grades on already rare and expensive cards. While this tradition has been commonplace in collecting for decades now, it has recently expanded beyond mint condition. Look on eBay, or wherever else you may look for cards, and you can find a plethora of cards which are not only worth hardly anything, but they're very poorly graded.

The unfortunate effect of this immense surge in graded cards is how it will soon effect the market. With such a high influx in modern card grading, we can hardly believe that the price of modern 10's will grow much more than where they're already at. With slabs losing the value they used to hold, this artificial inflation in the TCG market could potentially lead to a downfall in collecting as a whole.

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