The Location of 2024 World's Announced!

Trainers, prepare to get your plane tickets ready and your bags packed because the location of the next Pokemon worlds has been revealed! The location of the 2024 Pokemon worlds has been announced to be Honolulu Hawaii, the capital of the state. 

TPCi, The Pokemon Company international, will more than likely be giving specifics on the location and time of the event sometime early next year, once the event isn't as far out. Every year, worlds takes place during the middle two weeks of August, and we have no assume it will not continue to follow suit. 

This will be the 20th Pokemon worlds, and will be the return of worlds into the United States after two years in other countries. This year it took place in Yokohama Japan, and in 2022 it was hosted at London in the UK. Prior to these two events however, worlds had taken place within the United States every year.

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