Unlock the Excitement of Pokemon TCG's Latest Japanese Expansion - Triple Beat!

While we, in the west, have yet to have a single Scarlet and Violet TCG pack grace our store shelves, Japan has already received its second expansion set. The set, Triple Beat, is an amazing indication of a powerful start to what can only be seen as Pokemon's TCG continuing to gain strength. The set hit store shelves on March 10th, and features many different collectible cards featuring jaw-dropping artworks. 

 Triple Beat is classified as a Japanese "sub set", which we don't really have an equivalent for outside of Japan. It seems as if these sub sets can be thought of as smaller sets in-between larger releases. They have no accompanying sister sets, rather they stand alone and fall under the larger expansion. To understand Japanese sets better it may help to think about how they appear in the west; remember that typically English sets are a combination of two Japanese sets, and then additionally often several cards from other Japanese sets, which have not yet been printed yet. It is possible that this sub set will be a set which will be spread across several English sets.

Triple Beat carries many beautiful cards, all of which seem to be filled with a unique design and are full of life. The secret rare cards featured in this set, considered outside of the 73 cards within the 'main' set, are illustrator rares, ultra rares, secret illustrator rares, and hidden rares. One somewhat interesting observation is that Triple Beat does not seem to have any particular motif, however, seemingly choosing to opt towards not having a central theme. Later Japanese sets seem to already be moving away from this though, with April's Snow Hazard and Clay Burst sets. 


Soon we will look at what will be our second English set, Paldea Evolved which will help highlight what the combination set will more than likley look like. In the meantime though, Triple Beat already gives us a great idea towards what we may see. Essentially, a wide array and range of cards all featuring amazing art works, showing us that the Pokemon TCG is being taken in an exuberant new direction.



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