Espeon and Umbreon's Promotional Cards' Out in Stores!

With the release of Obsidian Flames, collectors and trainers can look forward to being able to collect not one, but two promotional cards depicting two of their favorite Pokemon.

Many larger retailers, which carry Pokemon cards, often receive promotional cards to commemorate the release of new sets; the recent release of Obsidian Flames was no different. Two fan favorite Eeveelutions received promotional cards with both Espeon and Umbreon having their own promo cards made available at Best Buy and GameStop, respectively.

GameStop very often has a promotional card for new sets, its only in rare occasions in which the don't receive a card following the release of a main set. The Umbreon card for GameStop came out along with the release of Obsidian Flames on August 11th. The Espeon card for Best Buy was supposed to release on this date as well, but was delayed for over a week. Only recently has it been seen to pop up in stores around the United States.

In order to receive these cards from either retailer, you must simply meet the threshold of a $15 purchase of Pokemon TCG products.

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