VSTAR Universe Jumbo Card Collection Products Revealed!

As shocking as it may be to think, Sword and Shield still has one more unique product up its' sleeve. Set to release in Japan on December 16th will be three different 'Jumbo Card Collection' boxes, which will feature Mew, Lapras, and Latias. 

According to sources, each box will come with two different jumbo cards, along with two card stands to prop up and display the cards. These two jumbo cards will be the featured Pokemon, along with another alternative art card from VSTAR universe. The Pokemon which will be featured together will be Lapras and Moltres, Mew and Oricorio, and Latias and Ditto respectively. These cards will be featured down below.

In addition to these jumbo cards, consumers will receive an additional three packs of VSTAR Universe. All of this will retail for the price of 1980 yen a pop, which at the time of this article being written converts to $14.40. This is an insanely good deal, and it's a shame the product will seemingly be a Japanese exclusive, with no word about the products coming to the west. 

I think it is certainly safe to say any somewhat avid Pokemon card collector all the way up to the most die-hard of pack hunters will want to get their hands on this product. What could be a beautiful, artistic, and unique collection to anyone's treasure trove, first they must figure out some way to see it arrive at their doorsteps. This is where TCGStadium comes in! At a competitive price to any American retailer, choosing to shop at the Stadium not only allows you to purchase products exclusive to Japan, but you can also rest assured knowing your products are of the upmost quality.

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