Pokemon TCG's Yu Nagaba Collaboration: Unique Products and Eevee Cards

Pokemon TCG collaborations are few and far between, meaning when one is announced people should take notice. The Pokemon TCG will be partnering with Yu Nagaba in order to release a unique line of products, starting on May 24th. A handful of products will come out as a result of this collaboration, as well as nine cards depicting Eevee and its evolutions.

Separate from the TCG products, additional merchandise will be revealed on May 5th, 2023. This merchandise will be a collaboration between Yu Nagaba and the Pokemon TCG for a clothing line with the Japanese brand BEAMS.

The cards are unlike the products, as they are more of a promotional product rather than one being sold. For every 1000 yen a customer spends on an order, they will receive one of the nine cards below; the amount of promotional cards you can receive from one order caps out at ten cards. In addition to this customers will also receive one card for every product from the crossover they purchase, unless they purchase the Eevee Special Box, in which case they will receive four cards.

The bulk of the products within this collaboration, the TCG products specifically, will be sold through a lottery system. The main product which will be showcased is the Pokemon Card Game Eevee Special Box, which will be sold for the price of 4800 yen. 

Other products, which are not seen in the Eevee Special Box above, include a card portfolio and a card display case. The portfolio features 9-pocket pages with 4 holes, contains 10 pages, and can hold up to 180 cards. The portfolio will retail for 1980 yen, while the card display case is 1490 yen.

Yu Nagaba is a famous contemporary artist, known specifically for his beautifully drawn line drawings. This isn't his first time partnering with the Pokemon TCG, as he had also been a part of a collaboration back in 2021; during which, not only were several TCG products released, but also a small, men's streetwear line. 

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