Unveiling the Charizard Reign in Obsidian Flames

Throughout the history of all Pokemon, one specific lizard stands above the rest of the crowd in terms of monetary value. This particular Pokemon first begun its reign in school playgrounds in the 90's between trades with friends, and has since become a staple in collector's hordes years later. This one Pokemon is Charizard, of course, everyone's favorite fire "dragon" from Kanto! With it being the poster Pokemon for the upcoming set Obsidian Flames, it will be receiving a multitude of cards, so let's take a glance at them.

Within Obsidian Flames, Charizard will continue its reign as the poster child for overvalued cards. This set will be featuring Charizard several times over, with the whole theme of the set centered around the tera-dark pocket monster. Within the set, there will be several Charizard cards to collect, and we've seen almost all its variants thus far.

While the basic tera-dark Charizard ex is nothing in particular to write home about, we can only assume it will be one of the more pricey ex cards. While these cards are hardly ever sky-high in value, they certainly can reach prices which can cause an eyebrow to be raised. The card which everyone is fawning over is the alternate art for Charizard ex, which is an absolute beauty of a card. While some fans claim that the card doesn't quite suit their palates, it is undeniable that the artwork is simply gorgeous. 

Unfortunately, not all Charizard cards are created equal. The hyper rare gold Charizard card was recently revealed, to the utter dismay of the Pokemon TCG community. The card had originally floated around on twitter as a leak several months ago, and was perceived as an obvious joke at first. Compared to a knock-off card one may find in a bootleg card shop, the card itself looks sorrily poor.

At least, this is the opinion of many; some have taken a liking to the abstract card in its odd appearance. Surely, once we have a look at the regular full art card for Charizard ex, we may see a slightly different version of this card which isn't as much of an eyesore.

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