2021 Panini Chronicles Football H2 Box

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2021 Panini Chronicles Football H2 Box

This Product Is Scheduled To Release On 07/22/22

Configuration: 6 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Returning to the Hobby H2 SKU in 2021, Chronicles will inculde: 1 Silver, 4 Opti-Chrome, 4 Acetate, 10 exclusive Crown Royale Inserts, and 2 numbered Parallels per box.
- Look for updated Rookie photography in their NFL jerseys printed on Opti-Chrome in Score and Legacy Update!
- Find the historically popular release of years past with- Dynagon Rookies, Prizm Black, Panini, Gridiron Kings, Crown Royale, Turn of the Century Autographs, Clear Vision Rookies, and Playoff Momentum Rookies!
- NEW in 2021! Look for Flux Rookies, Magnitude, Ascension Autographs, Totally Certified Signatures, and Invincible Autographs!

- 1 Silver Parallel
- 4 Opti-Chrome
- 4 Acetate
- 10 Exclusive Crown Royale Inserts
- 2 #'d Parallels


Find all of the best Rookies, Stars, and Legends from the NFL in the Chronicles base set. Find exclusive Parallels for each SKU!
- Base Chronicles
- Base Chronicles Red- #’d/399
- Base Chronicles Blue- #’d/99
- Base Chronicles Purple- #’d/49
- Base Chronicles Black- #’d/25
- Base Chronicles Gold- #’d/10
- Base Chronicles Platinum- #’d 1/1

Returning to Chronicles in 2021 is the always-popular Dynagon Rookies! Featuring the top Rookies from the 2021 Class, look for Parallels #’d from 199!
- Dynagon Rookies
- Dynagon Rookies Silver
- Dynagon Rookies Purple- #’d/199
- Dynagon Rookies Gold- #’d/10
- Dynagon Rookies Blue- #’d/25
- Dynagon Rookies Red- #’d/99
- Dynagon Rookies Orange- #’d/75
- Dynagon Rookies Green- #’d/49
- Dynagon Rookies Black- #’d 1/1

Prizm Black is back in 2021 Chronicles Football! Hunt all of the Parallels #’d/199 to 1!
- Prizm Black
- Prizm Black Silver
- Prizm Black Purple- #’d/199
- Prizm Black Gold- #’d/10
- Prizm Black Blue- #’d/25
- Prizm Black Red- #’d/99
- Prizm Black Orange- #’d/75
- Prizm Black Green- #’d/49
- Prizm Black Gold Vinyl- #’d/5
- Prizm Black Signatures- Max #’d/100
- Prizm Black Signatures Red- Max #’d/99
- Prizm Black Signatures Orange- Max #’d/75
- Prizm Black- Black Finite #’d 1/1

NEW! For the first time ever, Panini brings Flux Rookies to Chronicles, featuring the top 20 Rookies from the 2021 NFL Draft Class! Find Silver parallels!
- Flux Rookies
- Flux Rookies Silver
- Flux Rookies Purple- #’d/199
- Flux Rookies Gold- #’d/10
- Flux Rookies Blue- #’d/25
- Flux Rookies Red- #’d/99
- Flux Rookies Orange- #’d/75
- Flux Rookies Green- #’d/49
- Flux Rookies Black- #’d 1/1

The always-popular Panini brand returns to Chronicles in 2021!
- Panini
- Panini Red- #’d/199
- Panini Blue- #’d/99
- Panini Purple- #’d/49
- Panini Gold- #’d/10
- Panini Platinum- #’d 1/1

The always-popular Gridrion Kings brand returns to Chronicles, featuring autographs from the 2021 Rookie Class!
- Gridiron Kings
- Gridiron Kings Red- #’d/199
- Gridiron Kings Blue- #’d/99
- Gridiron Kings Purple- #’d/49
- Gridiron Kings Gold- #’d/10
- Gridiron Kings Platinum- #’d 1/1
- Gridiron Kings Signatures- Max #’d/299
- Gridiron Kings Signatures Red- Max #’d/199
- Gridiron Kings Signatures Blue- Max #’d/99

New in Chronicles 2021- Magnitude brings you a mix of established NFL Stars and upcoming Rookies. Chase the Parallels #’d from 199 to 1!
- Magnitude
- Magnitude Red- #’d/199
- Magnitude Blue- #’d/99
- Magnitude Purple- #’d/49
- Magnitude Holo Silver- #’d/25
- Magnitude Holo Gold- #’d/10
- Magnitude Holo Platinum- #’d 1/1

New to Chronicles in 2021 - Look for Ascension Autographs featuring some of the Ascending Stars in the NFL!

New to Chronicles Football in 2021 - Chase the best the NFL has to offer in Invincible Autographs, featuring some of the most iconic players in NFL history!

**Product is brand new/factory sealed.  We are not responsible for any manufacturer defects to the packaging or it's contents.  This includes rips, tears, or content issues**

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