Astral Radiance: Another Amazing Set (Unofficially) Revealed!

Suddenly, millions of voices bellowed in rejoice. Pokemon Fans, we have yet another top tier set to look forward too; Astral Radiance has unintentionally been confirmed to be the next English Pokemon TCG set, and frankly there could not be any greater news. The set was accidentally leaked by a French distributor earlier last week, and now we know for certain that this is the next set coming to the west. Brilliant stars on its own bolstered the entirety of the Sword and Shield expansion, and this set will most likely be no different from it in magnitude. In this article we will do a quick discussion of what we already know about the next biggest set, as well as some predictions of what the whole set will be comprised of. 

Pictured above are the pack arts that were leaked, all of which are pictured except for Hisuian Samurott, which was leaked with one of the blisters for this set. This makes Astral Radiance the second set of the Sword and Shield series to feature five different pack arts instead of the usual four, the other set being Chilling Reign. Considering what Pokemon are featured in the pack art we can get a very good idea for what is to look forward to in this set: plenty of Hisui and plenty of our brand new favorite Pokemon.

Let's begin this discussion with what we can predict with any certainty. the packs on the artworks of the set all feature Pokemon released with the newest game, Legends: Arceus. These Pokemon, to state again, include the new final final evolutions of the starters as well as Dialga and Palkia's origin forms. This is massive, considering this will be the very first set to ever feature Pokemon from Hisui, which already sets it apart from all other sets before it. Pictured above this paragraph are Dialga and Palkia's Origin form V-Star cards, which are from the newly revealed Japanese sets Time Gazer and Space Juggler. These Japanese sets are complimentary, as they seem to have a card list that is split in half, as many Japanese sets tend to do. Astral Radiance could more than certainly combine these two sets to include the most prominent cards featured in them. I think that this is a given considering how closely these two sets already seem to be related.

 One more prediction about this set that I am willing to bet on is that it will combine the newest released Japanese set, Battle Region, into it's card list as well. If this is true that would make Astral Radiance a massive set, melting three very amazing card sets down into their best forms and making a wonderful, collectable stew. This seems more than likely to me simply because of the main Pokemon Battle region features, those being Hisuian Decidueye, Typhlosion, and Samurott. While the inclusion of these new Hisuian forms does seem like a given, there is certainly some uncertainty lurking this set's list, that being if it will include Battle Region's character gallery and shining cards. If these cards are including it would make it so that Astral Radiance is no doubt the next massive success in The Pokemon TCG scene. Brilliant Stars, the latest English set, has done incredibly considering it's tantalizing card list, and if Astral Radiance follows suit it will more then definitely take it's place moving forward.

To wrap up, we do have some certainty, so rest assured that what you are about to read is confirmed for certain. The latest French leaks showed us the three pack blisters for Astral Radiance, they revealed to us the black star promotional cards that they will come with. This time around the two promo cards are the Sylveon and Eevee pictured above. Who else is excited to see yet even more love for Eevee and it's line? Sarcasm aside, hopefully this means that the Eevee promos will be coming to a close soon, and that we can move on to either some more obscure or more on theme Pokemon to be featured. I do love Eevee and many of it's evolutions, but I really would love to get back to having other Pokemon be featured, and I'm sure many other Pokemon Fans agree with me.

Much of this article, even while it is based on good evidence, is still speculation. We do know for sure that Astral Radiance will be the next Western set, and we do know what Pokemon it will feature, but besides that not much else. To you, the reader, however there is some good news. As more information gets announced (or leaked) you will be able to find plenty of it here, at the Stadium! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be able to preorder what may be one of the most sought after sets of the Sword and Shield series. 

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