Tera Water Garchomp Card and Products Upcoming

New information concerning the Japanese set Raging Surf has come out recently!

Tera water Garchomp ex will be making a splash in the upcoming set; moreover, it will additionally be receiving its own little product line as well. These products include card sleeves for 1100 yen, a deck box for 550 yen, and a playmat for 2970 yen. Garchomp will be the second Pokemon to receive an interesting tera type, following the example set by Charizard in the upcoming set Ruler of the Black Flame.

Raging Surf will release in Japan on September 21, and will be a smaller set boasting only 62 cards, before the inclusion of secret rares. In addition to Garchomp we are aware the set will feature Gholdengo, yet we are unaware of much else surrounding this set. 


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