New Stacking Tins Revealed!

To those interested in odd collectables and out-of-the-ordinary products, I have some great news to report! Revealed recently, the next wave of three stacking tins has been revealed to us, featuring fire, ground, and dark types this time around. If these new tins follow in the footsteps of their predecessors,they will come with three unique packs and a (now oversized) coin. They will retail for $12.99.

The last set of these tins featured grass, water, and electric as the three types displayed. It was always odd to me that we got electric instead of fire as the third typing. Personally speaking, I can't say that I'd buy one of these tins as MSRP in order to open them for packs, but I personally love these for sealed display! They have such a fun design, and have a really interesting selection of Pokemon on them. 

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