Pokemon GO TCG: Full Card List Revealed!

Be honest, did you click on this article for the Radiant Charizard? If this is the case, then I cannot blame you whatsoever. The Official Pokemon Company revealed somewhat recently the full card list for the upcoming Pokemon GO TCG set, and frankly all they have done is confirm suspicions we've had. Truly I tell you, they aren't holding anything back with this set. Right now, seeing the wide range of potential chase cards it is evident that Pokemon is set to have their next TCG expansion be a massive financial success. 

One of the many reasons this set is going to be difficult to complete in full, outside of what may be some ludicrously high card prices, are the ways collectors will have access to packs of this set. There will be no sleeved boosters, nor will there be a booster box for this set, making it difficult if you're specifically trying to complete your collection. While any and all products of this set are going to solely contain packs from this set, outside of said products, collectors will be out of luck. This all to say, expect to purchase a plethora of this next sets collectables!

Something quirky about this set is that it will contain a very unique type of card, never before seen in The Pokemon TCG thus far. The imposter Pokemon Ditto will make an appearance in this set, and it will make a very unusual one at that! Similar to how the Pokemon Ditto can take on the form of anything it sees, its cards will mimic other Pokemon. Cards will appear to be one Pokemon, completely the same as any other card at face value, but with one major twist. Upon an inspection of the bottom left hand corner of specific reverse holographic cards in this set, you may find a small Ditto icon. This icon signifies that you can peel (yes, peel!) the front of the card off in order to reveal a Ditto underneath.

Thus conduces the rundown of the most major aspects of the next English set that had been yet to be discussed here at the Stadium. With the release date rapidly approaching, preorders are available now! Make sure you order from us at the Stadium to get products below MSRP, alongside shipping for any order above 200 dollars! Considering how many wonderful cards there are to collect, I know I for one will quickly pass that threshold!


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