Brilliant Stars Card Set List has been Revealed

What was already considered one of the most hyped sets of the Sword and Shield series, Brilliant Stars has had its card set leaked and it definitely lives up to the hype. English Pokemon sets typically seem to combine two different Japanese sets and put them together, and this appears to be close to the case with Brilliant Stars' card list containing cards from the sets Star Birth, VMAX Climax, and Start Deck 100. While both Star Birth and VMAX Climax have definitely had their hype in the United States, I've yet to see too many people talk about Start Deck 100, which is a shame considering how it has so many nice cards in it.

Brilliant Stars is set to contain Character Rares in it, a grand total of 30 to be exact, and this may be the best part about this news. The last English set to contain Character Rares like this was Cosmic Eclipse from the Sun and Moon series all the way back in 2019. Character Rares are probably my favorite type of card to collect, because they feature not only some of my favorite Pokemon typically, but also a trainer from the anime or game series who usually uses that Pokemon as their ace. 

Considering how big this set is going to be, there is no doubt that it is going to have plenty of good cards in it, both for artwork and also for competitive usage. I can't wait to dive right into a booster box of this set, and I know I'm not the only one! Here are a few of my favorite few cards from this set, and feel free to add what cards you're hoping to collect as well in the comments!





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